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What should we wear for our family photo shoot?

The biggest tip that I can give my clients when it comes to styling their portrait session is to wear clothes that coordinate, not clothes that match exactly. For example, everyone can wear creams, whites, and beiges rather than everyone wearing a white top and jeans. Another option would be to pick two colors that complement each other (blue and orange) and then two neutrals.

When I pick out my own family’s clothing for portrait sessions, I usually start with the hardest person to dress (my picky teenager, haha). Once she has picked out an outfit that she likes, I then take the colors from that and use them in all other family member’s outfits.

Do you have any suggestions on what to bring to the photo shoot?

When you book a family photo shoot with me, I send out a session prep guide with some suggestions on what you can do and bring to help make a successful photo shoot. One of my biggest tricks is to bring lots of bribes. It’ not really a trick, but it works most often. Make sure the kids are well-rested and have full tummies right before the shoot and then we can top it off with candy bribes haha

What happens if my kids don’t behave during the photo shoot and we don’t get any good pictures?

The best thing that you can do to help with the success of your family photo shoot is to relax. I know it sounds so simple and a little crazy, but if mama is calm and carefree, it helps with the whole mood of the shoot and the kids will be calmer. Also, keep in mind that family photo shoots are meant to show the interactions that you guys have as a family so we actually want action shots of everyone connecting. If worse comes to worse, I can always use the magic of photoshop to switch heads and make for a great picture with everyone looking haha I have never had to reschedule a family photo shoot due to unruly children, so have some confidence that we will get a great shot.

Where do you do family photo shoots?

I prefer to do family photo shoots at outdoor locations. Being outdoors allows for the children to run around and get a little energy out. It also helps get cute pictures of the kids interacting with each other and their parents. For all pre-scheduled family mini sessions, the locations are already determined. However, If you are not doing a pre-scheduled mini photo shoot, I’ll help you decide the perfect location for your family session. The two most popular locations are parks and beaches and we have plenty of beautiful ones in Orange County. I have a portfolio full of different locations for you to choose from.

How long will the family photo shoot take?

I offer family mini photo shoots throughout the year that are 15 -30 minutes long. Some people question whether or not this is enough time for a photo shoot and I assure you that it’s the perfect amount of time for a child’s attention span. Sometimes if shoots are too long, then the children will start to get restless. If you are doing an extended family photo shoot, those will be longer by nature because we are going to be doing different combinations of family members. For an extended family photo shoot, plan for at least an hour for the session.

How many people can be photographed during our family photo shoot?

An average family photo shoot will include your immediate family (typically 3-6 members). However, I offer extended family photo shoots that include multiple generations and all siblings and cousins. Those are pretty amazing to have an entire family in one place at one time.

How do I book my newborn photo shoot if I don’t know when my baby will be born?

You can book your newborn photo shoot by putting a deposit down to secure your date and we will tentatively put you on the schedule on your due date. Once you have the baby, just give us a call and let us know and we will schedule your actual newborn photo shoot within two weeks of the baby being born. It’s important to get on the calendar as soon as possible because I limit the number of newborns that I photograph each month. It’s never too early to reserve your newborn photo shoot spot.

When should I book my newborn photo shoot?

If you are interested in having your baby photographed for their newborn photo shoot, the best time to photograph the baby is around the two week period after birth. It may seem like that’s so soon after the baby being born, but that tends to be when baby is still nice and sleepy and before they start to develop any baby acne. That doesn’t mean that if your baby is older than two weeks that we can’t do a newborn photo shoot, but the pictures will be slightly different than the typical sleepy poses.

What should I wear to my maternity session?

I have a client closet full of maternity dresses in all sizes, shapes, and colors so that you don’t have to purchase or bring anything to your photo shoot. Whether you like a tight silhouette or a princess ball gown, I have you covered. Once you book your maternity photo shoot with me, you can go through the maternity dresses to choose the one that most flatters your body shape. The only thing that you will have to think about is your undergarments. I ask that you bring nude colored undergarments so that they don’t show under any dress that you choose to wear.


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